Candy Rain: A Weather Phenomenon or A Sickly Sweet Mishap?

Breaking News! Recent sightings of candy rain have been reported by many people all over the city of Los Angeles. Is it some kind of weather phenomena, or a sickly sweet candy mishap? Many people have different thoughts about that.

Los Angeles local Billy Graham, who lives in Cantelope Ave. says that the Candy Rain is, and I quote, Some sort of extraterrestrial activity. In a recent interview with Mr. Graham, he says I just think that them alien gods are finally coming to their senses. Who needs rain when we can have candy canes?

Other people think otherwise. Marlee Tuna from West Havenhood claims that the candy rain is nothing but a bunch of kids throwing candy from the roofs of their homes. I mean, what else can it be, states Ms. Tuna. You can’t possibly think that candy is actually raining!.

So there we have it folks! Candy rain. What is it, and what is the cause? More on this story later.

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